Saturday, May 29, 2010

i mish them so much, yes yes i do.

i was thinking of posting at least one post (eventhough it's gonna be very very short, real short one) for arashi. since. i miss fangirling in my bloggeh!

so yeap, recently MnA held an event. screening for 5x10 Anniversary Concert Tour and it was freaking awesome, dude! all of them got hyperventilated and jumping all the way of the concert in Kokuritsu was screened. yeah, some of them did that. no, not on the floor. on a stage, and it's wood-made (? im not really sure. what im sure is that the stage is made from something that can easily break)
and yes. i heard the stage cracking in the middle of their excitement. i wonder if it really did crack. haha i was like this --> O_o what the hell was that. and i was so near with the stage. was sitting right on the couch that's so near with the stage. i paused waving my penlight that fiqa kitty gave me to think what would happen if it crumples down on me! NO! hahah!

before the screening, i got my own CON DVD! FROM KOREA! super cheap i tell you. it was only RM99.00! hah! i know, people who buy the one that's imported from Japan is much much more higher than the price i buy from Korea. haha :)) well, that doesnt matter. what matters for them is they can get it fast! and watch the concert! whew! I LOBE LOBE LOBE THE CONCERT!
do you think you've seen arashi being childish? and sho gets pale just because he's a scaredy-cat-sakurai? haha i guarantee you guys will love it once you've watched it. their concert always an extraordinary one, the one you can't find anywhere else. very flail-worthy! i had never regretted to lose my voice after flailing/fangirling madly for them! and, god helped my heart stop hammering like crazee watching some of their song performances like : truth, ashita no kioku, a.ra.shi, kansha kangeki ame arashi, allergy, attack it, 5x10 and many many more. you'd die of happiness, smiling widely ear to ear watching them :)) this is one of thousands of reasons why i'm freaking loving these guys. so, please never make fun of them in front of me. if you do, that'd be called as 'mencari padah'. only people who commits suicide will do that to me. dare you!
yesh yesh yesh, i'm a daredevil! *evil laughs

kaibutsu-kun!kai kai kai kaibutsu-kun wa chooo kawaii desu!ohmy dear...
he's the cutest monster that's ever lived on planet earth. dun blame me if this post would end up turning you into an ohno-wifey. he's just irresistably cute, adorable and everything.
he's a spoiled (magician?) hahah no. he's a spoiled prince that'd soon take the king's place in kaibutsu land. his daddy sent him to the human world so that he can practice to have manners.

now. is it turn for me to flail bout sakurai sho? it is, i guess.
hah!!! he's toooooooooooooo adorable.... now that makes me keep watching him repeatitively.
he's cute, dork, hot, handsome and EVERYTHING. he fills the emptiness in my heart, my head. all the the time.
it's like i'm really falling in love, really, really fall in love with him. he has it all. *melts* help! help!
no, God helps my legs to stand alright. Tokujo Kabachi, Kobe bla bla bla, and in some arashi's shows. the one i recently watched is AnShi ep 00 and he was damn damn damn cute. and wass so good in haggling the rice cooker. it LMAO-ed me hard! no, you wouldn't believe an idol like him go to an electric store and haggle for a rice cooker! hahah!
and yeshhhh, he looked KAMPEKI with the cheongsam! NO. there's never a man that could make the cheongsam look perfect on them. only sho can do that! sexy feet <3
he owns perfect body, boys. be jealous of that. though he fails. but thats one of reasons why i choose him haha! he's always perfect to me!

oh okay, and AIBALERINA?! damn it! aiba has smexy feet! EPIC! ♥! and ohmygawd!
ohchan in yattaman suit taking a nap in the hammock is superrrr cute! i want to jump on him and squish him sooo much, i wish though! hahaha! and crush his cheekbones geh! hahaha :))
jun-kun, nino i know. they are stealing my heart away! hey guys! give it back, its sho's property and he needs it back! hahaha :))
who agrees with what imma say, please put up your both feet and hands okay!

AND. last but not least. I MISH THEM FREAKING MUCH!
i need my arashi overdose back! *not complaining because of school and studies and stuff*
im so outdated, i know. dun leave me behind *sobsobs*
i will download their newest shows if i have time . and if my internet gives me permission for it too ^^

Life is hard dakedo happy! 8D

hello, folks.
i'm miserably messed, screwed, fcuked up lately. feeling shitty.
just because i have not posted anything in my blog and livejournal.
and shit. my exam ended. yay. no party, thanks.

hahaha :))
so, when was my last time posting here? was it like...about...4 months ago?
tell me if i got it right. it's the hardest year i have to go through after all.
exams. so far, i have done 3 exams. 1st intervensi, 2nd intervensi and diagnostics.
i know. y'all must be freaking out just how 'good' i got for the results. you should be praying for me to get good grades then. well, it's not that bad. but i wish for a better one.
look guys, i'm a malaysian. yes i'm proud to be one. but, you see. learning moderned language's is harder than you expected. everything changed. yes, everything.
math. it seemed too easy but then it gets rusty time by time if you don't do exercises.
science? i love science. it's a magic of life, i tell you. no, experiments were never hard to me.
geography? i know. it's his favourite subject but it was never mine. memorizing all bits of globe part is the hardest. and... some other things. but well, i'm taking more interest into it. ganbarimasu.
history? no no no. death. when i see history i see death. when i see death, i see hell. haha j/k!
history's not that bad. it'll be fun if you can build your brain to have a good memory. i wish i can add up 2 giga byte to my brain near exams. who knows. soon they'll make one. and i'd be... ah! heaven!
living skills? ahhhh! i dun like it! cooking part is okay. but not the rest! heck. i am the AJK for it but .... i never did the tasks those were given to me sincerely. teacher instructs me, and i turn around and curse. haha 8D

as for conclusion,
overall, isn't that bad, is it? im always trying my best to get good grades. GANBARIMASU!
and, an addition information YOU! YES YOU! (arashians) wouldn't wanna know is... i get too outdated in arashi's updates. *sobs sobs sobs* but im having fun of spamming in fb with some good friends i just got. they're cool! :)

i would like to do...emmm....i dunno what to write as for the last part.
so im just going to say ... i miss arashi. LIKE HELL MUCH!

Friday, January 8, 2010

cat scratched!

i'm sorry to disappoint you,
but this blog is not dead yet.

HAHA!!! i'm soooo damn lazy to post in my bloggeh,srsly!i just update my LJ, only a lil thou. i'm now caught by my parents bla bla bla!in a far far away land! far from my arashi world! get that, you stupid ass? read my LJ for further details!!!ngahahahha!! anyway,just wanna show it off here.. other than my FB and my LJ! pics i edited! me and my loves, sakumiya! (i'm posting this entry because i'm forced!forced by myself because i wanted to show off too much! haha!)

guys,do you see that same goddamn posing of me and my sakumiya!
i just realized that, ya know!!! and my face's burnt like an ichigo, that's what my sara-chan said!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i'm always there to ravel it all up!

yes, i'm always there to ravel it all up and that's a promise!! haha! :)) whatever, i'm crapping anyway!don't ask me why,because its just my hobby!
anyway,let's cut that out and get straight to the point.have you guys ever felt like VERY JEALOUS!!!jealous till it's gone to its limit and you feel like you want to hit everything around you? today i just had that kind of feeling.but it's weird, after i died of jealousy, i got kind of mixed feeling. scared,jealous,sad and EVERYTHING!
and again, i'm talking bout something that is 100% bout my fandom!!!!!my powerful stormy guys! you know, how much i love them.and neechan did say i'm an ARASHI PSYCHO!!!
psychos are harmless to anyone except themselves! they might hurt themselves because of arashi! ok,so what? i'm just being an EMO!i'm sensitive!!well, only for my arashi ne?oh well, i don't want to make my you guys to be the victim of my emotional thingy!!!so, i better stop!!um, that's all! haha from today, i'll make my bloggy to be a place for me to let all my feelings and bad words out from my mouth.. oh not mouth, its my fingers write these all! haha!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

read my lips. shut up!

well, actually the title has nothing to do with what am i going to nag in this post, just for fun! haha! ok, i'm a SKAWNG! that's a new word that i just learned today, yay~ it was from avatar movie!and the word means MORON,BAKA,BABO,BODOH! haha all are just the same!
watched it with Da Wooden Table sisters! the weird name i created when we were making fun of our grandpas' name. their grandpa' name is actually Dawood, so i made it more sensible, it's Da Wooden Table! haha and they called my grandpa's name, saripan (which the word spelled almost the same with "breakfast" word,"sarapan" in malay) and made it as "saripan eats sarapan" LOL! WTH?!

oh anyway, HUMANS ,i
just like the movie, and i don't like that freaking blue weird some kind of thing, alien . i dont want people to think i'm obsessed to it, which i'm not. People are allowed to (just) like a movie, don't they? ngahaha :))


so, reporting this for my current fandom other than that FREAKING HOT JKPOP! here it is,

and to those people out there, stop making fun of JKPOP . you guys just never know how much i love them! especially ARASHI! they are sooo meaningful to me!!!so, please, shutup your mouth and don't ever dare to make fun of them ever again to me! it's just.. well,
i can't tolerate with BULLSHITS/BITCHES!i don't give a damn to bitches!hoyeah!get that~

ja,mata ne!


p/s: :'( just a few days left till school, how sad am i!
farewell to fandom!!and YOSH!
wish for 2010,be a good lil girl/kid for my parents nee~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

will tears ever solve my problems?

this is crazy.i am crazy.i kept asking myself bout this.a stupid thing that i have never thought of before!i don't know why it just popped in my mind as i see those pictures!okay to get it clear, i actually cried, like a moron, a mad person whatever you would call me as, hitting and hurting myself! it has got something to do with my fandom and jealousy! happy now? ok fine, at this point, you would think i'm just being an EMO here. everything i do is not right! after seeing those pictures (which i said related with my fandom) i cried! for quite a long time! i'm just jealous!and i know, tears WILL NEVER solve my problem!people do say we have to put efforts to get what we want, right?and i'm doing my best right now!
oh, okay i'm late!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.lya will be a nerd.

woooh~ my bloggeh is gonna be dead in some more time! to prevent that to happen, which will affect this whole world to crash, it's better if it give me way to crap for some more time! wee :D well, writing crap is my hobby! okay, vision mission whatever it's called as,i dunno because i've never got what's the difference between those 2, so lets just cut it up! okay, vision mission for 2009, another important year in my whole life is to be a nerd! I MEAN IT! i'm going to be a REAL NERD,like seriously! what's required to become a real nerd, sooo, let us see...

1) books all day
2) wear a pair of megane <-- this is so unnecessary to those who don't have long-sighted or short-sighted eye.
3) less fangirling <-- trust me, this is gonna kill me!!and for less fangirling and flailing, less internet! only for weekends! but i haven't dealt that with my mom yet!it's just so hard to tell her!it as hard as if she will bite me and gulp me at once if i spit it out!

4) less daydreaming in the class
5) pay 100% attention when teachers are teaching in front of the class
6) get all schoolworks done at time!
7) go tuitions! V.V
8) shut mouth in school

oh yes, accept it! i'm gonna be a NERD till that level, but i'm not sure yet i can do it or not!
but who can bear looking at a dropped exam result! then, let me do my best to get straight A for PMR and if i pass it with flying colours,i would ask my dad a ticket to go to japan! har har har!

i am actually on my path,journey to find my ownself. to find where i actually should be!
oh oh, i've gone that far! it seems that i'm taking about this matter seriously huh?!
yes i do~i seriously do! so, please ,guys dont be surprise for the next time you see me with books in my hand all the time!
yooooossshhhh! GANBAROU!!
that's all for now!

p/s: latest news bout me? perhaps! i'm in love with EDWARD CULLEN! oops~ i mean ROBERT PATTINSON! but outside of new moon and twilight and all,he's not i prefer edward cullen more! damn it! he's just EFFIN' HAWT! and i'm in love with him all over again!awwwhh~~edward! *melts into fluid*

ja, mata ne! :3


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


sara needs to pee

creds go to yjiun for scanning and uploading it in FB
sitting from left : hanis, yjiun, lokyee, adina, p.angela, sara, hdyh, aifaa, adele
middle from left: farah, fatin, joey, nadh, amanda, yuki, shez, shoba, nia, shantheni, hanna, aimi, veron, ameera.
top from left: lya, rai, ain, jiyen, xiauhan, bella, syazana, fiza, najwa, becca, neesa, nabila

comments from them in FB!

lokyee : hey!!! i ngam ngam wan 2 upload tis foto!!!! =((
yjiun : muahah im fast. haha.
lokyee : of course la... i can only on9 at night at weekdays wif my parent's permission... T_T
yjiun : haha, same. now im sneaking. ;D
sara : omg, i look so ugly.. =.="
yjiun : everyone does. cool huh?
shez : just noticed ? XP joking, babe
nia : Kya! I looked funny..!
sara : fine, be that way.
isabelle : wow..u look like vanessa la..abit la
brandy : Omg damn cepat laa u upload :O
lokyee : who looks lyk vanessa?
yuki : i'm so darkkkkkk... LOL
veron : i wonder why yjiun uploaded this goddamn picture. this is why we call her useless. =D
isabelle : yjiun
yjiun : HAHAH VERON. :D
lokyee : ohh... haha.... a bit la ><>
nia : lol..! poor hidayah.. :)
calan : lol. Your teacher looks like a messed up version of indian+ malay
yuki : sara needs to pee!! LOOOOOL
ihmran chin : Weird... I am sitting in the same position as Jiun. ..
amanda : HAHAHA!
shoba : idiot la u yih jiun...why did u upload de stupid phooootoooo????..
aimi : omg i look UGLY. haha
lokyee : no la... every1 is beautiful in tis foto, except... ahem ahem..
hanna : haha.stupid yjiun :)
nina : ameera looks diff. haha, kasut belacan
becca : hehe..u guys got d foto ready??
adele : Everybody looks ok except for the "indian-malay" in da pic... ahem...
lokyee : ahem ahem... *sore throat la* ><>
lya : who's indian malay?
nia : i think the 'indian malay' is the teacher.. LOL i think...
lya : haha!!!me too!
diana : I miss Rebecca
teacher ezren : woaaa..luv dis pict..miss korg semua..bdk2 nakal...
lokyee : hehe =)

creds go to lokyee for creating it..
WE LOVE 2B 2009

2 Berdikari-->
a) an all-girls class
b) the most an-all-boys-ppoi class
c) never be quite eventhough has been yelled and warned by many teachers
d) talk back to teachers
e) we
maki teachers
f) the most kecoh-est class
g) has an
indian malay class teacher?! hahahah! ROFL!
h) surprisingly dont look like 2nd best class among 2nd graders classes
i) our pride situates at our good voice and winning for
merdeka choir
j) the class that never be cleaned daily!

comments from 2 berdikari-ers:
wah bersemangat
hanna--> HANNA brought it la
hanna--> my fav teacher kot
yuki--> there!! see i told you!!! dont u just love 2 B??!!
hanna--> SABARSABAR,i pun pernah kene jugak!


p/s: 1 more day to go to ohchan's bdayyyy~~~
p/p/s: i'm counting every nanosec till your birthday,ohchan!

stay being a chubby adorable baby,ohchan!!

ja,mata ne! :3